Rhiannon Mair Jones was born in a small town called Porthmadog, North Wales at the hospital Ysbyty Gwynedd. She Lived here throughout her childhood, until she was 13 years old. In 2003, she moved to a town called Oldham, Greater Manchester. While attending high school, she received a GCSE and GNVQ qualification in Art and design. Knowing that she wanted to carry on her profession of art and hopefully become an art therapist one day, she went on to studying at the Oldham College, in Oldham, Greater Manchester where she successfully completed two modules over the period of three years which were a National diploma and a Foundation in Art and design. This gave her the right amount of qualification’s to go on to studying at University of Salford, Greater Manchester, where she completed a BA Honors in Visual Art’s. While attending the University of Salford, she became involved with community groups which were based in her home town of Oldham, where she interacted with people of all ages and physical/psychological issues.

Artist Statement

The latest project that I created was based on the town Porthmadog, North Wales. This projects brings a personal connection of childhood and birth. When living there, everything seemed to be perfect – the town it’s self, the people, scenery, culture, smell of fresh air, family and friends. As for these many wonderful things, as an opinion, Porthmadog is no longer a beautiful place.

This project in general, was made to point out the key feelings towards the town. To do what was intended, a visit of the town was made. While visiting, a number of photographs were taken of random objects and hand-made things which symbolised memorabilia’s of the past and the present feelings of the town and the relationship which was shared with the friend. These objects were not nice things things which tourist’s would like to go and visit while on holiday. These photograph’s were then sketched from on to handmade paper which was made by myself. HB, 2B, 6B and 8B pencils were used to carry out the lighter and darker tones, especially the very dark tones of shade which were reflected from the objects – the dark shading would make the images stand out more to the audience.

While creating handmade paper, a number of experiments were made of using different sizes and makes of mesh, and the use of different coloured paper. With these different kinds of paper which were made, other experiment’s of found materials from the town and the workshop were embedded inside the paper – this gave the paper a deeper personal connection. One example of a found object was a feather which was embedded into paper. The paper needed to be strong enough to hold it all together. When dried, the feather was then drawn on to, which was very difficult as the paper was very sensitive and was easy to rip, but as an opinion, looked a success. To understand the basics of creating paper with art, an investigation of other artist’s who use the same technique was made on the internet as well as other artists who sketch random objects.


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